Thursday, August 31, 2006

New E-Book on V-Scale

I've just released my new e-book This is V-Scale: Virtual Railroading on a Small Computer. You can learn more about it here.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Transit Modeling - A Broad Niche

New at V-Scaler:

-- Transit Modeling - A Broad Niche

This is the first in a series that will cover all aspects of transit modeling - real and virtual.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rudiger Hulsman's Fabulous F92 Train for BVE4

Rudiger Hulsman has created some outstanding items for BVE, including a beautiful set of track switches. His latest creation is an F92 subway train that takes advantage of the many customizing capabilities in BVE4. In Ruede's own words as posted on the BVE forum:

"Having worked for a long time in silence, this train is my first sign of life again to bring some "fresh air" into the BVE scene again.
So this train is indeed some kind of revolution:

"As far as I know, this is the first train for BVE that makes such consequent use of the possibilities the OS_ATS plugin offers
More that 2500 lines of source code lead to the most realistic train simulation ever in BVE.

"All 16 usable ATS-functions BVE offers have been used to make driving the train as accurate as possible. Furthermore, there are many other, non-usable functions for train systems and effects.

"All this will be operated from the new hi-res panel with more than 80 different bitmaps, accompanied by the self-scripted sound system with more than 85 sounds, which recreates nearly every sound of the original train."

This is a BEAUTIFUL train, but some people, including myself, have had difficulty getting everything in place and running. Here's what I've pieced together from comments on two forums:

1. Download Train

2. Downlaod U1 Route

There are three files to get:

-- Download Objekt-Dateien
-- Download Sound-Dateien
-- Download Route-Dateien

3. Install Ruede's Train into your BVE4 directory, e.g. C:/Program Files/Mackoy/BVE4

4. Look inside F92_en folder inside Train directory. There's a folder entitled Readme. Inside the folder are two Word files: Manual_F92.doc and Tutorial_eng.doc . I suggest you print out the Tutorial - it's only one page.

5. The Tutorial tells you to change "Instructor" and "Controller" in the "Option" menu to "U-Bahn" when you first run the train. This may be confusing if you haven't tried it. The Controller and Instructor are tabs on the window that appears when you select Option from the opening menu once BVE4 is launched. To set the Controller, click the Key Assignments button. Then select U-Bahn from the selection menu in the Key Assignments field. Selecting U-Bahn from the Instructor tab should be self-evident.

6. Continuing from step 5 (BVE4 is running, right?), open the Bentschen route folder and select U1 Fe-TI_F92neu .

7. Get out the Tutorial you printed and follow the instructions.

8. Enjoy!!!


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Vintage Trolley Color Pics

New at the VR Reading Room

- Vintage Trolley Color Pics by Alfred Barten

We present a group of 10 vintage trolley paintings used by the Standard Motor Truck Company to promote their trolley trucks. The article inlcudes a discussion of pitfalls in determining vintage colors.