Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vintage Autos For TRS2004

I don't normally comment on the many, many items that show up at the various train sim download sites. In fact, I only see a small fraction of those items. I DO want to take note of the beautiful vintage autos that recently appeared at the Trainz Download Station. There are 14 in all: 5 color variations of 1947 Buicks, 5 1955 Oldsmobiles and 4 1955 Buicks.

All are by Kee8tiviT and have the KUID 404071. Since they were created for TRS2004, they should work with TRS2006, Trainz Classics and TS2009.

-- Al

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Gotham Tower article and DL at VR Reading Room

See our newest article "Action At Gotham Tower" at the VR Reading Room. It's a rapid transit train watching sim using the animated signal box (aka switch tower). The route and session are for TRS2006 with SP-1, but should work with TS2009.

You can also download the route and session from the VR Downloads page. Everything you need is included except the scenery. We're letting people add their own. Let us see what you come up with.

-- Al