Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another map for Locomotion

Moving east along the coast from Shoreline (posted a few weeks ago),
we now have Ocean State (aka Rhode Island) maps for Locomotion.

I've added a landscape and scenario to my Downloads page

The map, called Ocean State, covers Rhode Island and a tiny bit of
Massachusetts. The scenario is for beginners.

The landscape map is a raw landscape with no cities or industries; the
scenario uses default content set to begin in the year 1900. You can
use the landscape map to create your own scenario or generate random
scenarios. You can use the scenario to play a game or you can modify
the scenario to suit your preferences as to beginning time, available
vehicles, and so forth.

There's more Trainz on the way. We have a 30-inch narrow gauge route
in the works. You can see a screen shot at the Virtual Railroader home


Saturday, January 19, 2008

United Central 2008 for TRS2006

See John D'Angelo's article "Union Central 2008" at the VR Reading Room. The article describes his update to this venerable route. The revised route for TRS2006 with SP-1 is available for free download at the VR Downloads page. No additional assets are required.

Thanks, John.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

New at the VR Reading Room

Sanford Mace completes the cycle of building the same route in four simulators: BVE, Rail3D, MSTS and now Trainz. See his latest "Trainz Dogbone Traction Lives Again" at the VR Reading Room. All routes are available at the VR Downloads page.